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The 3 R's



The ChristWreath is a symbol of Jesus being born to Mary and Joseph...thereby forming the start of The First Christian Family. 
Through Christ's teachings, His values have been given to all of us.  
It is the family's responsibility to live and teach these values.
All of Jesus' teachings are important in the world we live in. 
They are the CORE VALUES we need to reinforce in our children, families, communities and our government.

*** The new 3-R’s...        Respect - Responsibility - Righteousness

To think very highly or favorably of.              

*  The one that we owe the greatest amount of respect to, after Jesus, is ourselves.

*  Only if we truly respect ourselves first, as a special person created by God for a special purpose, are we able to demonstrate respect to others.

*  The respect we show to our own family is of vital importance.  Our children, spouse, mother, father, brothers, sisters, etc  ALL deserve our respect.

*  If we can’t respect those we love the most, how can we show respect to others such as teachers, police, military, ...?

The state of being the one who must meet an obligation or suffer the consequences for failing to do so.              

*  We have a responsibility to teach our children the values needed for life as they grow. 

*  We have a responsibility to:
           ~ provide for our own earthly needs
           ~ care for the elderly, disabled and the poor
           ~ teach and direct our children what is necessary to live a Christian Life
           ~ teach our children to contribute to our community and create a better world through Christian Values


Conduct that conforms to an accepted standard of right and wrong.              

*  Why is it that today's culture has difficulty understanding between right -and- wrong? 

*  We must teach our children through example what is right:
           ~ when we interact with our family
           ~ when we interact with our friends, neighbors and community
           ~ when we deal with our various government bodies

1)   Engage and Challenge the Christian Community to Bring Christ back into Christmas.
2)   Reaffirm the pride of what Christian Family Values have brought to our lives and our country.
3)   The message to bring forward will be not just words but actions that exhibit the meaning of Christian Family Values.   

*** The new 3-R’s...  Respect - Responsibility - Righteousness
*** Children and Family are the primary focus of our mission with a goal of improving the Entire Fabric of FAMILY

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